The Power of Market Cycles

  • Seasonality of Apple Stock: A Simple Guide

    Investing in the stock market often involves timing and strategy, much like planning your year around the seasons. When it comes to Apple’s stock, understanding its seasonal patterns can provide valuable insights for investors. Let’s dive into a simplified guide to these seasonal trends. January – A Promising Start In January, around the 13th, you […]

  • Anticipating a Gold Price Rally Based on Market Cycle

    Introduction In the realm of financial markets, the power of prediction lies within the patterns of market cycles. Back in February, I accurately forecasted the surge in gold prices by harnessing the insights derived from these cycles. As we stand in a market environment that currently lacks a discernible trend, the spotlight shifts to the […]

  • TSLA: What Can We Expect from September Onwards?

    Introduction: In the realm of market dynamics, Tesla (TSLA) has recently experienced some turbulence since July, yet it has managed to display signs of resilience in recent times. As we approach September, investors are pondering what insights can be gleaned from seasonal patterns and market cycles for the upcoming weeks. In this blog post, we’ll […]

  • QQQ: Is an Autumn Rally on the Horizon?

    Introduction: Since the beginning of the year, the QQQ has been steadily gaining ground. However, a correction has been observed since the end of July, leaving investors to ponder the possibility of an upcoming autumn rally. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the analysis based on seasonality and market cycles to better understand the […]

  • Nvidia’s Stock: Anticipating an Impending Correction

    The surge in Nvidia’s stock (NVDA) throughout 2023 has been impressive, but the inevitable question arises: when will the correction happen? Previous predictions missed the mark, but market cycles hint at a forthcoming adjustment. Riding the Surge, Delaying the Correction: NVDA’s stock price has more than tripled this year, drawing attention and excitement. Predictions of […]

  • What Can Bitcoin Investors Expect in Autumn?

    In our latest Bitcoin update, the accurately predicted summer weakness was highlighted. But what lies ahead for the next few months? Let’s delve into an analysis of seasonality and market cycles to gain insights into the potential trends for the autumn period. As depicted in the graph, the red line represents seasonality, indicating a positive […]

  • Market Forecast: Navigating the S&P 500’s Upcoming Seasonal Shifts and Cyclical Swings

    In the dynamic world of finance, seasonality and market cycles play a significant role in shaping the performance of indexes like the S&P 500 (SPY). Let’s examine these patterns and what we might expect in the coming months. Seasonality (Blue line) represents recurring, time-specific events impacting the market. This year, we anticipate a brief rally […]

  • NVDA: What’s Next After the Remarkable Rally?

    NVIDIA (NVDA) has had a remarkable rally in the past few weeks, with the stock price more than doubling since the start of the year. However, some investors are wondering if the bull run is over. I recently did a cycle analysis for NVDA, and I believe that there could be a correction imminent. The […]

  • Bitcoin: Bull Market Expected Until May

    Bitcoin investors have reason to be optimistic, as a new cycle analysis suggests a bull market for the cryptocurrency until May. The analysis is based on two cycles that are currently active: a 2-year cycle and a cycle with a length of 195 days. However, the analysis also indicates that the summer months could be […]

  • Making the Most of March: Profiting from the Seasonal Trends of the S&P 500

    The S&P 500 Index is known for exhibiting clear seasonality trends. In the current year, the index has closely followed its seasonal pattern. March is an exciting month for investors who are interested in seasonal patterns. Between mid-March (around March 15th) and mid-April (around April 15th), there is a pronounced pattern that suggests higher prices. […]

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